Magical treasures inspired by the past, rooted in the present, made for the future.

 In her Brighton and London based studio, Margaux Clavel designs magical jewellery pieces that hold the stories of human experience.

When creating a one of a kind statement or a bespoke engagement ring, she infuses the piece with the wearer’s intention, activating and sealing energy into the design, the metal and the gemstones. Making the piece a timeless talisman to be cherished and passed on, a precious and meaningful anchor the wearer feels deeply emotionally connected to.





“We had the pleasure of working with Margaux for our bespoke engagement rings, and we couldn’t have been happier with what she crafted for us. From our initial chat to the final delivery, Margaux was excellent at every step of the process. She not only listened to our wishes, but also provided valuable advice. She has a genuine passion for what she does and her exceptional craftsmanship make our rings truly remarkable. If you are seeking a perfect bespoke jewellery for him and her, you are without hesitation in the right place! 

Thank you so much Margaux for creating the perfect rings that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.”  Sophie & Wissam


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