The Story

For as long as I can remember I have always loved working with my hands. Alchemising feelings into material objects, being able to physically hold what was once a dream has always brought me intense joy.

In ancient yogic traditions, it is said that the hands are an extension of the heart, and this deeply resonates with me. My work is a labour of love, in numerous ways. 


From a young age, the stories from my grandparents’ childhood in Egypt and my father’s days working in a glass cutting workshop, have nourished my imagination, my love for antique treasures and my fascination for traditional craftsmanship.
My work is informed by all the things I find captivating - tales of ancient civilisations and rich archaeological treasures, opulent sacred spaces, and finely crafted ritual objects, overloaded altars, the smell of beeswax and incense, antique ornate jewellery, stone carved columns, glowing gold frames and colourful stained glass. 

My recent exploration and training in ancient healing techniques such as Reiki and Sekhem, where the hands are used to guide the flow of life force energy into a person, an object, a space or a situation, have rooted my work deeper into the sacred.


I design magical jewellery pieces that hold the stories of human experience. When creating a one of a kind statement or a bespoke ring, I infuse the piece with the wearer’s intention, activating and sealing energy into the design, the metal and the gemstones. Making the piece a timeless talisman to be cherished and passed on, a precious and meaningful anchor the wearer  feels deeply emotionally connected to.

I see jewellery as a celebration and an honouring of the self, of the love that connects us and binds us to others, of our lineage, and of the powerful experiences, memories, and emotions that beautifully colour our lives. 




Margaux technically trained for 4 years in some of the best jewellery schools in Paris and Lyon, completed a BA in Art History, and finally graduated from a Masters degree in metalwork and jewellery at the Royal College of Art in 2013. More recently Margaux has become a certified Reiki practitioner (Level I and II), and a certified Sekhem practitioner.

She has perfected and honed her craft over the years, using a combination of traditional metalwork and goldsmithing techniques, and more experimental wax carving techniques. Her signature style of faceted and textured metal shapes echoes the lines of the colourful cut gems she uses in her designs. She makes every piece by hand, and shares her time between her studio in Brighton, and the Goldsmiths’ Centre in London. 


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