Size Guide


Please try to provide us with the correct ring size when ordering your ring even if most of our rings can be resized.

The most accurate way to get your finger measured is probably to go to your local jeweller to get one of your rings or your finger measured. You can also refer to the ring size chart below to find out your ring size based on the inside diameter of your rings. However please note that this method is quite approximate.

If you are buying a gift the best way to establish a ring size is to get one of her/his rings, from the correct finger, and get it measured by your local jeweller or get an accurate measure of the inner diameter.

There are also a few things to consider when getting your finger measured :

Your finger size changes during the day. It usually is smaller when your hands are cold and can be up to half a size or even one size bigger when they are warm or the weather is really hot.

A wide band will always feel tighter than a thin one. When ordering a really wide band we recommend you to choose a full size larger than your normal ring size.

Your ring should be comfortable to wear. It should be tight enough not to fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.


UK French German US Diameter (mm)
H 46.5 14.75 3.75 14.88
I 47.75 15.25 4.25 15.29
J 49 15.5 4.63 15.49
K 50.25 16 5.12 15.9
L 51.5 16.25 5.5 16.31
M 52.75 16.75 6.25 16.71
N 54 17.25 6.5 17.12
O 55 17.5 7 17.53
P 56.5 18 7.5 17.93
Q 57.75 18.25 8 18.34
R 59 18.75 8.63 18.75
S 60 19 9 19.15
T 61.25 19.5 9.63 19.56
U 62.5 19.75 10.25 19.96
V 63.75 20.25 10.63 20.37
W 65 20.5 11.12 20.78
X 66.25 21 11.63 21.18
Y 67.5 21.5 12 21.59
Z 68.75 21.75 12.5 21.79




Our bracelets can be adjusted to fit your wrist. We usually give the inside diameter of our bangles. To make sure they will fit we recommend you to measure the width of your wrist with a soft measuring tape. If you think your bracelet needs to be made larger or smaller, please add a note at check out or email us.



To make sure you will be happy with the length of your necklace you can cut a piece of string to the same length and try it around your neck. All our necklaces can be adjusted. If you want yours to be made longer or shorter, please add a note at checkout or email us.

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